Antefix Consulting LLC

Contract Software Development

Desktop / Embedded / Web / C# / C++ / JS


Antefix is one veteran developer with a rare combination of creativity and attention to detail. Read about my consulting experience here, or check out a few of my side projects to see my work up-close.


Desktop, embedded, and mobile experience on multiple platforms.


Emphasis on reliable, well-documented, maintainable code.


Skilled object-oriented design with multiple languages.


Detailed knowledge of C#, C++, and JavaScript.


Expert business analysis and UI design.


Significant unit testing experience.


Exceptional communication skills.


My consulting experience covers business analysis, advanced UI development, unit testing, and legacy development. Other projects include embedded and mobile software, line-of-business apps for the desktop, and music software.

Hardware test app

Java / Android SDK / Sockets

Developed test app for patient intake device used in many hospitals and clinics. App verifies hardware for manufacture and repair team; interactive tests check display, touchscreen, speakers, status LEDs, Camera, WiFi, USB, and Ethernet port, while automated 'burn-in' mode tests WiFi and USB functionality under sustained load. App forwards results to central test server for storage and review.

Geometry library

C# / Analytic geometry / Machine learning / Unit testing

Developed geometry library used to plan directional drilling projects. Designed and implemented several new geometry techniques that improve drilling outcomes. Also designed and implemented genetic algorithm that fixes user designs or creates new designs from scratch. Added hundreds of unit tests covering many thousands of test cases. Wrote extensive documentation for client developers.

Custom 'console' control

C# / Windows Forms / Multithreading

Developed complex Windows Forms control that embeds console-style output in any form. Control offers fast display updates with thread-safe write functions, and numerous formatting, scrolling, and wrapping options. Display buffer can be saved to or restored from file, and mouse-selected content can be pasted to RTF, HTML, or plain text. Finished control is used to develop specialized test apps.

Legacy development

C# / C++ / Managed C++ / WPF / Windows Forms

Refactored and extended legacy apps used to plan or train for directional drilling projects. Internationalized app for use with multiple languages. Performed comprehensive UI review and recommended dozens of usability improvements. Added built-in PDF printing and LandXML export functionality. Fixed countless bugs.

Music synthesizer and sequencer

C++ / Android NDK + SDK / Win32 API / OpenGL ES / Audio DSP / OpenSL

Developed powerful music app for Android devices. Created full-featured cross-platform UI framework for OpenGL, custom text rendering system with kerning, extensible real-time synthesis engine, and innovative step sequencer that supports polyrhythms, arbitrary time signatures, flexible note ties and bends, and automatic transposition. App runs on Android and Windows desktop.

In-car media player

C++ / Windows CE + desktop / Win32 API / OpenGL ES

Developed UI for media device with satellite TV, DVD and CD player, iPhone/iPod connectivity, and local file browser. Designed and implemented cross-platform UI framework with touchscreen-friendly list and grid views, sliders, buttons, and other controls. Created general-purpose development library with cross-platform support for file handling, threads, and thread synchronization.

Paper currency scanner

C++ / Windows CE / Win32 API / Platform Builder

Developed major subsystems for money counter that scans 1600 bills per minute. Designed and implemented lightweight transaction database with extensible query system, real-time bill image transfer system over TCP/IP, and flexible metadata export system implementing numerous legacy protocols over serial connection. Also customized Windows CE images with Platform Builder.

Mobile order fulfillment apps

C++ / Delphi / Windows CE + desktop / PalmOS / SQL / MFC / Sockets / Barcodes

Developed wireless mobile apps used to fulfill orders for popular web grocer, including multi-order picking app, staging, quality control, and inventory management apps, and launcher. Created variety of desktop apps, including scriptable server emulator for mobile app testing, server stress-testing tool, and production monitoring utilities.


Personal website with open source software, music, games, and detailed notes on software development, physics, DSP, and math.


Clients expect real expertise when they hire a contractor, so I spend many non-billable hours studying. No one developer can do everything, but I am serious about the skills I sell, and I'm up-front about what I can and can't do.


Strong C#, C++, and JavaScript


Some Java


Windows desktop and embedded with .NET + Win32 API

Some Linux and Android SDK + NDK

UI development

Expert UI design

Detailed WPF/XAML and Windows Forms knowledge

Experience creating custom controls and custom UI frameworks

Development practices

Expert business analysis

OOD in multiple languages

Experience writing unit tests and custom test software

Much cross-platform development

Development tools

Much Visual Studio, Git, and SVN

Some Android Studio

Other skills

Extensive database design, SQL, and reports

Multithreaded development and socket programming

Real-time audio synthesis, DSP, and music production

Some 2D graphics with OpenGL ES

Basic graphic design with Inkscape and GIMP

Basic Mathematica

Superior writing and presenting skills